It is indeed a pleasure to write this letter of reference for Patty Foster who, I believe, is a highly effective motivational speaker.

In August of 2001, Ms. Foster spoke to the 120 employees of All Saints Episcopal School. Her audience consisted of trustees, administrators, faculty, support staff and maintenance staff. I was present. Not only was I inspired by her message and the authentic way in which she delivered it, but so, too, was every other person present. One faculty member, who has a tendency to be negative and critical, commented, “I wanted to hear more. I need to begin every day with Patty Foster”. Her ability to quickly forge a relationship, to build trust, to define reality, and to teach how to face and overcome human and organizational obstacles is impressive.

In November of 2001, Ms. Foster delivered a motivational talk to teachers and administrators at the annual convention of the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools. I have had the opportunity to visit with several colleagues who were in attendance. It seems that, again, Patty Foster hit a home run. One friend said to me that she walked away having been convinced “that if there is hope in the future, there is power in the present”. That clearly is powerful and effective communication.

If you want people to come together to reach new heights, put Patty Foster in front of them.

Raymond E. Johnson
All Saints Episopal School