hope for the journeyHope For The Journey

A 52-Week Spiritual Journal

By: Patti Foster
Release Date: Nov 18th, 2016
Publisher: Redemption Press, located outside of Seattle, WA
Paperback: $14.95
Weight: .7 lbs
Available in paperback and eBook

Is there hope for the journey when fear asks:

What do I do?
Who do I talk to?

Each week take another step toward life…and experience a personal taste of hope for your journey!

When the unexpected happens, lives are changed in an instant!

As traumatic brain injury or any kind of trouble erupts in your life, Hope appears on the scene in all shapes and sizes at just the right time. It has no limits…knows no boundaries.

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Reader Reviews

“It struck me how we are so often unaware of what people are dealing with on a daily basis. We need to ask the Spirit to help us to see these things. Empathy vs Sympathy! Loved seeing how your mom, and the rest of your family, was with you every step of the way. It clued me in on your sweet personality and what you endured and live with today. It made me appreciate you and your walk with the Lord even more. You carry it well, to my eyes, with grace and dignity!”
From: Shelby, an RN 

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