Coping With Traumatic Brain InjuryCoping With Traumatic Brain Injury – One Woman’s Journey from Death to Life

By Patti Foster
Available in paperback, as eBook and audio-book

In the split second, it took for a semi to slam into the back of the SUV Patti Foster was riding in, her world changed. Her life, in fact, almost ended that night. Miraculously, she survived, but her ordeal had just begun. After weeks in a coma, she woke up to an existence she couldn’t comprehend or even begin to understand. Patti had to re-learn everything, from how to eat to once again being able to recognize and remember the people she loved.

Disc One/Track One Audio Excerpt

Disc One/Track Three Audio Excerpt

Today, as a traumatic brain injury survivor, Patti knows what this kind of excessive damage can do to a person. So she shares her story in the hope it can help and encourage other TBI victims, their friends and families.

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