Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas would like to acknowledge Patti Foster, author and inspirational speaker. She joined us in May 2016 to share her wisdom and insight with employees during a campus-wide spiritual enrichment event titled “Linked for Life: Making a Difference.”

Speaker evaluation opinions about her presentation were all in agreement: Ms. Foster did not disappoint. She was friendly, focused, and encouraging in her words and presence.

Some comments that employees shared include:

  • This will make me have a better understanding of my patients’ needs.
  • I will focus/be aware of the non-verbal more than the verbal.
  • I need to improve my self-talk.
  • Small things do matter.
  • Make a difference now!
  • Do not give up.
  • Pray always.

With an overwhelmingly positive response, the presentation refreshed, renewed, and nourished the souls of Baylor Dallas employees, in tum allowing them to be better care providers for themselves and their patients.

We recommend Ms. Foster to any professional group seeking to inspire its members.

Mike Mullender, PhD, BCC
Director of Pastoral Care
Dallas Area Hospitals
North Texas Division