Patti Foster came to speak at our local mom’s group, Rockwall Preschool Association. The title of her speech was “As we grow….may we lean into life”. She inspired and motivated each one of our members to Make A Difference Now! To take a look at our daily busy schedules and make time to truly make a difference in our lives. As I looked around the room while she was speaking, not one eye was astray. She captured and engaged the audience, had moments of sadness for each of us to reflect our own grief and struggles, along with moments of laughter to brighten our day. As I talked with her at the end of her speech, I could feel the joy that she finds in “telling her story” and encouraging others to never give up. I feel blessed that Patti was able to come and speak to our group and will always be touched by her words of wisdom.

Betty Sauer
Rockwall Preschool Association Vice President
Rockwall, Texas