That’s the time they have….

If the freight company is unable to locate the pallet of my head-trauma books in their warehouse/terminal/dock, etc by 5pm on Wednesday, 12/26, REPRINT will begin first thing, Thursday morning, 12/27.

Wow! One never knows….however (comma), I take heart in the “umph” of Ps 27:14 (MSG): Stay with God!
                                                    Take heart. Don’t quit.
                                                        I’ll say it again:
                                                         Stay with God.

With all of this craziness that’s been going on since Mon., 12/10, I need to hold on to something that’s dependable. Corrie Ten Boom once said, “You never know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.” (WHEW, can I get a witness?!?!?!)

After talking with my publisher (only minutes after she had talked over the “in’s and out’s” of this dilemma with the printer), we all came to the conclusion that SAIS has until 12/26 at 5pm(CST) to find our “Merry Christmas” present of TBI books!  🙂

I sum it up in these 3 words: The adventure continues…(so I’ll stay with GOD)!


(Oh! Btw one of my eBooks has already BEEN READ….and, might I add, she read it in less than 24hrs…said she couldn’t put it  down! (YAY!!!)  🙂