Sometimes in life we can see things coming – certain attitudes, responses, circumstances, etc – while at other times, we’re caught off-guard and things appear unexpectedly to us…some good and some not so good. Well, recently, one of those “good surprises” zeroed in on my world.

Near the beginning of August, a friend emailed me, “Was just looking at the Chicken Soup for the Soul website to see what type of stories they were looking for. Noticed they want TBI stories….naturally I thought of you.”

My insides jumped with excitement, and in no time, I laid hold of that opportunity! Nine months later, voila!, my story was officially selected. It had been chosen as one of the featured 101 stories about TBI that would be published in June of 2014…12 years after the wreck and, might I add, the VERY month of the direction-changing traffic crash – June 18, 2002.

It’s title: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries has described it this way:

“Whether you are recovering from a traumatic brain injury or supporting someone with a TBI, this collection of 101 inspiring and encouraging stories by others like you will uplift and encourage you on your healing journey. 

With a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurring every 18.5 seconds in this country – concussions the most common – chances are you have been touched in some way by this experience. TBIs occur due to accidents and sports, and are also common in returning soldiers. The personal stories in this book, by TBI survivors and those who love and support them, will help and encourage you and your family on your road to recovery.”

* Available in retail June 24, 2014.