Patti spoke to the ladies of my church at a weekend retreat. She spoke on “God Will Make The Way”. It was exactly what we needed after dealing with COVID issues.

The following is from one lady that Patti especially ministered to…

“She told me that was me then, not me now and that God has forgiven and forgotten.  It only takes ONE time to ask forgiveness, not over and over and over.  She said I needed to STOP beating myself up (and I am a pro!) Then she got close, looked me straight in the eye and said NO FISHING ALLOWED!  I was confused and asked what she meant.  She said you are no longer going to allow the evil one to cast his pole into your brain and pull up old memories.  The day I got home I made a big sign that says NO FISHING ALLOWED and I have it hanging on my prayer board!”

Patti is a powerful God filled speaker and you will be so thankful to have the privilege of hearing her share her heart!

God Bless both of you!

Pastor Beverly Strong
Associate Pastor
Clear Lake Nazarene Church Webster Texas