Patti was the keynote speaker for our small group on Ladies Day at Craft Baptist Church and she listened to the Holy Spirit throughout this journey. She brought her mother, “Mama Judy” and after Patti gave her testimony, she and Mama Judy had a Q&A time. It opened the floor for the ladies and men, yes that’s right, men wanted to hear Patti and they were welcomed! The questions gave an opportunity for the audience to connect with Patti.  The questions were slow at first but soon picked up and they were great questions with no boundary answers. It became intimate and very real, it was more than hearing a testimony, there was a surreal awareness of what God had done and is doing in Patti. It was a time of inner reflection and the Holy Spirit was allowed to not only be in our presence but to enter into our minds and hearts to have a small understanding of just how big God really is.

Patti is an excellent speaker and is able to draw the audience in to experience a portion of her world. There is not a group, people, or place that Patti would not be able to draw the audience closer to God.

Be ready to be transformed in the knowledge of Christ and His presence in this world.

Kim Holman
Craft Baptist Church
Jacksonville, Texas 75766