The Texas Girls Missionary Auxiliary state meeting was held in March with our theme being “Don’t Get Lost In the Woods: Prov. 3:5,6.” Patti was one of our featured breakout sessions speakers for Friday evening. The Session theme was “Back to the Basics.” Patti led the 6th – 8th grade girls in “Deliver Me” ‘SOS’. She was interesting and took the young ladies on a journey with her and showed them how the Lord can deliver them in any situation. She was able to keep there attention in a “not so perfect” environment for teaching. My 12 yr old daughter and 13 year old niece gave her a “thumbs up”! I would recommend Patti for any type of program or group that you have. She is flexible and adaptable and has a great love for the Lord!

Kristi Key
Director of Texas Girls Missionary Auxiliary