Anybody ever watched Anne of Green Gables? I love that story! What spunk she had!! 🙂

Well, in one of the episodes, around the time when Anne Shirley has grown up into a young lady and moved to New York City, she meets a writer by the name of Jack Garrison. In a difficult time, he says to her: True success requires passion and a vision.

Vision, hmmm? That reminds me of Oswald Chambers. Among all of his insights in My Utmost for His Highest, he wrote: God gives us a vision, and then He takes us down to the valley to batter us into the shape of that vision….Every God-given vision will become real if we will only have patience….Allow the Potter to put you on His wheel and whirl you around as He desires. Then as surely as God is God, and you are you, you will turn out as an exact likeness of the vision.

Don’t give up!