My name is Dr. Theresa Veach and I am a webtalk radio host for a program called “All about Miracles.” I have interviewed many persons who have experienced the wonders of God’s miracles and I just have to write to you about one of my favorite guests, Patti Foster. To be sure, she is a woman with a passion for God and her powerful message of survival, hope, patience, and God’s enduring love and faithfulness really packs a wallop.

I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to talk with Patti Foster. Her story has strengthened my faith in our Lord like never before. Truly, she is one who has walked through the valley of death and has lived to tell about it. She faced losing everything she ever had and everything she ever was… and survived to share a message of immeasurable worth:

You see, just a few short years ago Patti was on her way to an evening Bible study when all of a sudden the vehicle she was in was hit by a 18-wheeler hauling a load of cars going over 60 miles an hour. Patti was thrown into oncoming traffic. Eye-witnesses said her body looked like a “piece of laundry” as it floated to the pavement.

Patti was in a coma for several weeks and not expected to live. The specialists told her family that even if she did live she would be in a persistent “vegetative” state, not being able to do a thing for herself nor be one smidgen of the person she used to be. Her family prepared for the worst.

But our Lord had a different prognosis for his child. After Patti came out of the coma, she did have to learn how to do everything all over again, including how to walk, how to talk, how to read, and how to write. She even had to re-learn how to swallow. But there was one thing Patti did not have to re-learn….she never had to “re-learn” Jesus!

How amazing is that?! What a testimony to our Living God and Lord of heaven and earth. Patti’s story of survival, hope, and patience is only the beginning. Our Lord Jesus’ love and faithfulness endures no matter how deep the pit or how much is taken from us.

Our dear sister had almost every single thing taken from her that evening on her way to Bible study. Still, Patti’s message is loud and clear: once we meet and accept the gift of our Living Lord Jesus, He never leaves us, never.

Patti has been blessed with the gift of sharing her story. Be careful. She can draw you in so much so that you may even feel the pain of the car wreck, the anguish of suffering from many injuries, including a persistent traumatic brain injury. On the other hand, you will most certainly feel the Lord’s presence with you as you struggle to re-learn the alphabet and how to walk by yourself. Most of all, through it all you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is with you unto the ends of the earth. Yes, He is with you always.

Thank-you Patti for your blessed, blessed testimony. You have changed my life and have drawn me closer to our living Lord than ever before.

Blessings to you dear sister-in-Jesus,
Theresa Veach