Here’s a devotional written by Charles Stanley about the power of prayer…see what the Lord lays on you through this… 

James 5:16-18 tells us that Elijah was a righteous man whose effective prayer accomplished much. He was passionate and persistent because he knew God intimately and believed that He would answer. Past answers to prayer and time spent in His presence had strengthened the prophet’s absolute trust in the Lord.

When Elijah first began to pray on the mountain, there was no apparent answer, and yet he continued to seek the Lord. God is always working around us whether we perceive it or not. Eyes of faith can see His presence and involvement even when there’s no tangible evidence.

God did not design prayer as simply an avenue for requests; spending time in conversation with our heavenly Father is meant to help us know and love Him. Then, as we grow in passion for the Lord, spending time with Him will be a delight, and life turns into an adventure of faith.