All who attended the 4th Annual Summer Rain Women’s Conference on 8/14/07 @First Baptist Church of Robinson, TX were greatly inspired, challenged and refreshed by Patti Foster’s message of ‘Make A Difference Now’.

Her miraculous recovery from the accident of 2002 conveyed a message of inspiration and hope to anyone in the congregation facing what might appear to be un-surmountable trials in their lives. Patti is living proof that with God, nothing is impossible.

She challenged everyone to make the best of any situation that should arise; whether good or not so good, and use it in a positive way that will bring glory to God.

Patti shared with us a refreshing tool she uses from time to time to ‘make a difference now’ – – – Peanut M&Ms. She simply takes one and passes it on to anyone she might feel needs a ‘pick me up’. Along with the candy she gives an encouraging word (from herself and the Bible) to let them know that God loves them and she does, too.

One lady who attended Summer Rain saw this tool at work in quite an astonishing way just the day after the conference. She had received word that a friend was in the hospital and felt she should go visit. The temptation was strong to call instead of visiting because she was tired and had so many things to do, but God wouldn’t leave her alone. She finally gave in and He rewarded her in a delightful way. As the elevator at the hospital took her up to her friend’s room she looked down on the floor and grinning back up at her was none other than A RED M&M! She had to laugh with joy at the way God let her know that He was pleased that she had listened to Him.

To anyone who is looking for an inspiring, challenging and refreshing speaker, Patti Foster is the lady you need.

Lucy Finn
First Baptist Church of Robinson
Robinson , TX