Pattie Foster is a dynamic servant of Christ who engages the minds and hearts of her audience with an unbelievable, personal testimony, a powerful gift of proclamation, and a sincere love of people. From her stories of the tragedy that sought to wreck her life to her quick wit and ability to make the most of any situation, Pattie Foster demonstrates the ability to communicate to a wide variety of audiences in a very genuine way. Pattie was called upon the serve as the guest speaker for our annual women’s Conference, Summer Rain. Her gentle spirit and concern for people of all ages was evident in the joy that she expressed while ministering to our youth group on Sunday evening. She further entrenched herself in our hearts at a church barbeque on the following Monday evening. She has a wonderful sense of humor! When Tuesday night arrived and Pattie began to speak there was no question that she had been granted the opportunity to share her life with us. That night we were challenged to carry the truth of Jesus to our world and we were shown what faith really is – what hope is truly made of. God is using this woman in a powerful way and I would recommend her to any group who is looking for inspiration, direction, or joy. Pattie Foster is living proof that God’s miraculous hand is still at work today.

Steven Braucht
Minister of Music and Administration
First Baptist Church of Robinson
Robinson, Texas