Life changes doesn’t it? Whether it’s good or bad, life changes!

 Oftentime we don’t know when or where or why, but “change,” in some form or fashion, is right around the corner coming for a visit! We might not always see it coming, but get ready, it’ll stop by your “house” at any moment. And dear friend, hear me…please hear me…keep the faith…God is NOT leaving your side; He’s NOT walking away; He’s NOT turning a deaf ear to your cry. DON’T depend on your feelings. This is when you have to put the living-by-faith truth into LIVING COLOR on your LIVE TV SCREEN! (You with me?)

 God’s leaning in TOWARD you! When life gets tough, He comes NEAR you, not away. That’s our Father…YOUR Father …He’s striding ahead of you and He’s right there with you. He’ll never let you down; He’ll never leave you (Deut 31:6 The Message).

Keep the faith, dear friend. Let God have it! He’ll fight for you!