Remember this thought?…I’ve brought it up many times since the wreck: Small things do matter…they can make a BIG difference!

A positive “yes face,” as Chuck Swindoll refered to it in his book, Grace, is something that a lot of us look for, even when we don’t realize we’re paying attention to it! Think about those people whose face gave us a little hope to keep on keepin’ on when we needed it most.

Small things tend to grab our attention.   Hope is one of these “small things” that will make a big difference…it can be communicated to us through all kinds of ways – spoken or unspoken; verbal or non-verbal; on-purpose or without any forethought.

Coming Saturday, September 15th on U2HAVEHOPE, I’ll pass along some of the  hope in Christ I found during the trauma of the wreck, TBI and multiple injuries all over my body.

September 15 – Featured Guest on national radio program, U2HAVEHOPE with host, Carrie Cooper.

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