Get ready, we’re on to our 5th question regarding a plane ride and how it relates to the life we lead.  🙂

As we go through life, different people will stand out to us. Some will enrich us and make life “mo’ bettah.” But, there are those who crash our lives and leave a wee bit of “vomit” on us. (Ugh! Are you with me? I know that’s kind of hard to hear for some people, but how true to life it is!) Nonetheless, onward we go….

Well, step into this question (and onto the plane) with me and try to remember the people who have gone before you…those who have made an impression on you, whether for the good or bad.

With no further adieu, here’s Question #5:

When you look up (and around) from the seat where you’re sitting, whose heads do you see in front of you?