At different times – sometimes planned, sometimes sporadic- I have the privilege of interviewing people from around the world, from different walks of life on my program, STRAIGHT TALK With Patti.

It airs on the Media page of my web site: Drop by and have a listen to a number of interviews I’ve done with well- known singers, speakers, writers, and others who have impacted our world.

Please be watching for the upcoming interview I recently recorded with Holocuast Survivor, Rosa Blum. During WWII, the Gestapo raided her home in Romania and took her and her family prisoner. They were shoved into a cattle car on a train headed for Auschwitz.

As my motto says, M.A.D. Now! May we Make A Difference Now! 

*P.S. If you want a “sneak peak,” please click “Photos” on my web site and behold some cool shots my “fabulous photographer” friend captured!!)   😉