Dear Patti,

I cannot express how thankful we are that you came and spoke to our teachers on such short notice! The words that you spoke were so God sent. You were able to pierce the hearts of so many teachers, myself included. You reminded us that we are servants of not only God, but to each other. And I cannot thank you enough for that!

Patti, God has given you the ability to see through people and to hear Him speak what He needs people to hear. Thank you for being obedient and trusting God as He is speaking to you …and for being brave enough to speak His word, even when it is hard to speak.

Patti, you are awesome! And again, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and my staff. Continue to lean in deep and hear Him, because He is Especially Fond of You!

Serving Him and His Children,

Kelly Moore
Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Ministry
Tyler, TX