Patti Foster – WOW – when I think of this precious lady so many thoughts come to mind. I’ve known Patti for about 10 years as we attend the same church so I’ve seen her in “action” in lots of ways.

I’ve seen the talent and incredible ability she has to work with people not only professionally but sincerely, adding her “special touch” with each one.

I’ve seen her faithfulness, from week to week at church, in spite of her busy daily schedule. Patti has also been faithful to fill her spot in choir and any time the choir sings, and she’s able to be there, you can just see the love she has for the Lord written all over her face.

I’ve seen the faithfulness that she has to attend a weekly Bible Study in another town about 30 minutes away EVERY week. As I have come to know her more and more through the years she has become and continues to be such a blessing and inspiration to me.

Then, tragedy came into her life but God miraculously and faithfully continued to work in Patti’s life to restore her back to health. Yes, there were months and months, after her accident, that she wasn’t able to do all she had been able to do but through those days of trial and difficulty, as she was recovering, she continued doing, what was important to her, and that was sharing the Lord Jesus Christ with all the people she came in contact with and giving Him the praise and glory for what He was doing in her life. WOW, what a blessing – I ask myself could I have done that had I been in her situation?

I am blessed that God has given me the opportunity to know Patti Foster. She will energize you, in every sense of the word, as she shares her experiences with you, she will have you laughing and crying all in one sentence, she will make you realize that Making A Difference Now is so important each and every day because you don’t know what’s in store for your life from day to day. She always greets you with a wonderful smile and always a positive attitude. She truly loves the Lord and she will bless your heart!

Lynn Johnson, President
Golden Jubilee Senior Adult Ministry
First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Texas