Just had an idea…

I’ve just gotten home from a memorial service celebrating the life of one of my friends who recently passed away in Indianapolis, IN. This thought came to me:

How about we have a go at speaking/writing/mailing/etc. some “words of encouragement” to a person(s) who have made a difference in our lives?

In other words, don’t wait until they’re dead to “brag” on them and talk about how swell they are and what an impact they’ve made on your life.

So, I encourage you…I urge you to step out of your box this week…take a baby step and send some words of encouragement (much like Vitamin B-12 – they give strength to the heart), to the people in your life who have added value and “better-ness” to your world.

The mother of oncologist, Dr Sasha Vukelja, once said, Whenever you feel you should do something for someone else, you should do it, because you may not have another chance.

Happy Spreading Vit B-12!!