Please crawl into my brain with me. 🙂

You know how certain things will stand out to you for one reason or another? And sometimes particular things will come back to your mind, seemingly out-of-the-blue? Well, that’s how these facts about traumatic brain injury have been doing in my mind lately.

Let me pass this info along to you, as well.

Dive in. What stands out to you? What are your thoughts?

According to the Brain Injury Association, every year more than 2 million people in the United States suffer traumatic brain injury. 373,000 of these severe enough to require hospitalization. Brain trauma is the leading cause of death among children and young adults. It kills at least 60,000 Americans annually and leaves 2,000 in a persistent vegetative state, unaware of their surroundings, unable to respond to even the most basic stimuli, and totally dependent on others. (from William Winslade’s Confronting Traumatic Brain Injury; published by Yale University Press, London)

I urge you to have a go. Reach out to others this week…even if they don’t look like they need it.