Patti recently appeared and spoke at the “SHATTERED DREAMS” program for high school students in East Texas. She pointed out the graphic details about being ripped open and left for dead under the white sheet at the fatalic crash scene where a repeat-offender drugged driver barreled into our completely stopped Tahoe with his 70mph-speeding tractor-trailer rig.

Also reliving horrific moments was Olga Zapolska. a mom from the Ukraine, who talked about her oldest son, Pasha, here in America as a foreign exchange student. He was killed in a traffic crash on March 5, 2015 by a repeat DWI offender.

This life-impacting event took place the morning of Feb 11, 2020 in Jacksonville, where juniors and seniors of 6 different Independent School Districts in the area came together.

Remember….choices, decisions, purpose can have a huge impact on whether or not a person drives drunk, drugged, or distracted. It’s a choice each person has to make, because…..shattered dreams can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere!