Dear Patti.

Greetings in the name of Jesus and Happy New Year!

Following the re-air of your testimony last March, I’ve again received many encouraging comments from our listeners around the country. May you be especially blessed today and always knowing that your testimony continues to touch lives for Christ.

“Would you please send me “Christ In You”? What a wonderful testimony of what our Jesus can do when we believe in Him. Thank you for the offer and may I please have a tape of that wonderful testimony. I appreciate your program so very much. Thanks again. Love in Jesus” ~ Donna

“Please send me the book “Christ in You” by Dr. Les Carter. Your program about the recovery of the girl involved in the June 2002 accident was extraordinary.” Roy, Allentown PA

“I heard Patty’s testimony this morning in Houston, TX. Her testimony really moved me. I was recently diagnosed with systemic Acute Lupus so you can really see how it moved me. Please send me “Christ in You” and a CD of Patty’s testimony. Please pray for me. Thank you.” ~Dorothy

“Please send me the booklet “Christ In You”. What a wonderful story. Thanks SO MUCH. What a miracle she is living.” ~Carol, Winston-Salem NC

Please send me the book entitled “Christ In You” by Les Carter along with a CD of your broadcast from 3/26/06. I always enjoy your programs and the resources you provide. Listening to your program strengthens my faith and encourages me to share the gospel with others. I will support your program in whatever way I can. Thank you.” Vernial, Washington DC

“May I congratulate you on picking Patty’s story on the anniversary of Terri Schivo’s untimely death to show the true importance of a life. The book by Les Carter also seems wonderful that was offered on 3/26/06 on KCVT. I pray you and all of the RBC Ministries will have a beautiful and blessed Easter season and even more blessed resurrection day. In great appreciation. Thank you and God Bless You.” ~Bonita Topeka KS

Thank you again Patti for sharing your testimony with us.

Abundant Blessings in Christ,

Cherie O’Malley
Radio Production Assistant
RBC Ministries