Dear Patti ,

Just a note to let you know that we have had a wonderful response to the recent airing of your testimony. Following are some of the comments that we have received from folks around the country. May you be blessed today knowing that your testimony has touched the lives of many.

“Kindly send me the book you talked about during your broadcast, “Christ In You”. I understand you will also include a tape of the incredible story of that woman. (Patti J ). Thanks for your good work.” ~ Leaneah, Baltimore MD

“On August 8th you offered “Christ In You” just for the asking. Your program continues to offer hope for our messed up lives.” Thank you.” ~Jeanne

“Thank you for your very encouraging radio program. Please send me a copy of “Christ In You.” When I am finished reading it I will send it to Wayfarers Ministries and it will go overseas. Thank you very much!” ~Margaret, Modesto CA

“Praise God. I thank the almighty God for the” Words To Live By” radio ministry. I rarely miss your programs and I am particularly moved by Patty’s testimony. I would therefore like to order a free copy of the book- Christ In You–. Please bless me with this paperback book and God will bless you abundantly.” ~Jeremiah, Oklahoma City, OK

“How can I get a cassette or CD of the program that aired on August 8th in Nashville? The woman talked about car accident that she was in. ” ~ Robert, Franklin, TN

“Please send me the book “Christ in You “. Patty’s story touched my life. I want to hear again how she is making a difference from her unique position. God bless you, each one, as you share Christ living in real people.” ~Marylou, Terre Haute, IN

“I want to thank you for the wonderful program on Sunday morning August 8 th. I try to listen every Sunday. May God bless you with keeping the program on. I would like to have the book “Christ In You”. ~Deloris, West Hamlin, WV

“Today I heard a portion of Patty’s story and how she survived severe trauma. I would appreciate receiving “Christ In You” and the cassette of the program. My 22 year old son is recovering from traumatic brain injury on May 10, 2002. Patty was very inspiring and gave us hope as I listened. Thank you so much!” ~Martha, Clarksville, MO

“Please send me a free copy of the booklet “Christ In You” and the cassette tape of Patty’s story. I desire to listen to the tape and read the book for my own information. Then, as God gives me opportunity, in turn, share the blessing and information with others. May God continue to bless you, your families, and all the great work that allows Words to Live By to do.” ~John, Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you again Patti for sharing your testimony with us. Have a wonderful day!

Abundant Blessings,

Cherie O’Malley
Radio Production Assistant
RBC Ministries