Ah, there’s so much in our brains, on our hearts, written on our “to-do” lists, etc. You name it and it’s there waiting to be checked off in a matter of time…we hope.

What’s important…and what’s not? I don’t mean a “priority,” but what’s really important and worth remembering?

Merriam-Webster defines important as:

1: marked by or indicative of significant worth or consequence : valuable in content or relationship

2 obsolete : importunate, urgent

3: giving evidence of a feeling of self-importance
So, here’s the “deep thought of the day” for us: As we live, day-by-day, what do our lives give evidence of and indicate as being valuable and worth remembering?

…to say “Thank you”, think of others, step into another person’s shoes, smile more often, hold our tongue, don’t get mad so fast, let somebody know we care, say “I’m sorry”, laugh more…and don’t be afraid to laugh at ourself! I know there’s so much more we could add, but this is a great place to start.

So, while you drive to and from work, as you take the kids to school, pay bills, run errands, brush your teeth, etc., think about the things that are healthy and worth remembering….. *(Don’t forget: Let your audio match your video!)  😉

M.A.D. Now! (Make A Difference Now!)