It is within a professional capacity that I have had the true honor and privilege of getting to know Ms. Patti Foster.

Ms. Foster first became acquainted with me through a book entitled ‘Modern-Day Miracles’ that I was compiling, which hi-lights 50 true miracle stories in first-person narrative, from around the world.

Ms. Foster’s story was compelling, and highly interesting. A true miracle indeed.

Through the process of compiling stories for this work, published by Destiny Image Publishers, based out of Pennsylvania, Patti and I became well acquainted. I can honestly say that I am most impressed with her character, and her love and passion for the calling in which she works. She was a true blessing to work with on this project. Patti was instrumental in also helping with pre-sales of this book, and getting this book to print. It has raised approximately over $50,000.00 for charities, ministries, and other organizations since it’s first and then subsequent printings.

Recently, Ms. Patti Foster became instrumental in offering her professional voice-over talents to take on the entire three hundred and fifty page book voice recording project herself. Her finalized copy was then sent to my publisher, and out-sourced for final music and other details.

As I was in and out of town over these past crucial weeks in this new audio book project (to be released this June), I felt confident in handing over key decision-making to Ms. Foster in regards to this new project and spin-off from the original printed book.

Upon my return, I was very pleased to see that Patti’s had selected the exact piece of background music that I would have ok’d for inclusion onto the CD recording, and not only that–she had the foresight to attention my acquisitions’ assistant to the fact that the pronunciation of my name at the opening of the book was recorded incorrectly by the gentleman commissioned to complete the intro and outro for this book.

Extremely well done! I literally couldn’t have done it better myself. She was my ears, and eyes while I was away, and I can fully say that I was entirely pleased with the professional job that she did, and her high level of judgment capability in this regard.

Patti has tremendous giftings, and talents, and I am just so thankful that she chose to share these with those who will come to read and listen to Modern-Day Miracles.

I believe that whoever utilizes her giftings and talents next, will be highly pleased also.


(Mrs.) Allison C. Restagno, HONS.B.MUS.ED., R.M.T. MEMBER OF O.R.M.T.A., C.F.M.T.A., & S.A.C. Owner/Operator of Restagno Developments, Inc.
Author; Modern-Day Miracles; 50 True Stories of Divine Encounters, Supernatural Healings, Heaven and Hell Experiences, and More, Destiny Images’ 2011 and 2013 world-wide releases