Occasionally you meet someone who has a major impact on your life. I can honestly say that this happened to me, and many others, this past week as I spent time with Patti Foster and listened to her speak at the first Christian Brain Injury Conference in Burlington, Ontario Canada on June 14, 2008.

I have worked in the Acquired Brain Injury field since 1984. I have met with many individuals over the years who have inspired me by their determination and courage as they endeavor to piece together their lives after such a devastating event. Without hesitation, I can say with confidence, that I have never met anyone who has touched me quite like Patti has. Her friendly personality relaxes her audience and allows them to engage with her in her subject matter. Her giftings are apparent as she encourages her audience with a very personal touch. Her ability to remember the names of the people she has met and continue to speak to people using their names speaks of her desire to connect with individuals and communicate God’s love to them.

Patti is a woman who knows what it means to suffer and overcome adversity. She is an inspiration to all who struggle with the trials and tribulations of life. She, without doubt, has been sent to us by God with a message that touches a hurting world and inspires us to live for Jesus by serving others no matter what our circumstances.

I highly recommend Patti as an inspirational speaker. Her life, her recovery, her determination and her servant’s attitude are a blessing to all who encounter her.

Yours in Christ,

Scott Farraway
Program Director
Peel Halton Acquired Brain Injury Services