Question: What adds radiance and life to you and your journey?

‘Wonder why I asked this?

Well, this afternoon as I was thinking about blogging and writing a new post, nothing in particular was on my mind. So, I started perusing books and magazines to see if anything grabbed my attention. And yes, something did! The color purple.

Here’s the scoop. As I was skimming through an older edition of VERANDA magazine, a page full of all shades and hues of purple caught my eye, so I had to go back and read the article.

It just so happens that Leslie Newsom Rascoe, the magazine’s art and design editor, had written the short, “catchy” article about some treasures she had found in India.

As I continued to read, I was looking for a “spiritual application” of what she was saying. Near the end of it, she said, “I love flowers. They add radiance and life.”

Touche! “What about you, Patti? What adds radiance and life to you?”

GOD – my growing relationship with Him through Jesus Christ is my Source of radiance and life. Plus (I can’t leave this out), He adds lots of radiance and life to me through relationships – friends, family, new opportunities, etc.

So let me ask you again: What adds radiance and life to you and your journey?