Stay In The Balcony

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In life, there are two kinds of people: basement people and balcony people. Patti shows us how our non-verbal communication can speak volumes to others! The doldrums of life have a way of taking us prisoner. This is where the negative world of the basement people abounds. However, when we want to get on the healthy road that raises us above mediocrity, balcony people have a way of coming to our rescue just when we need them the most! A wise man once urged people not let nasty, foul talk come out of their mouths, but only words that built up others and helped people with whatever they needed. Balcony people have a way of encouraging us to be “uniquely” who God crafted us to be. Patti offers us some good, down-to-earth tips for living that bring us out of the basement and into the balcony. We’ll taste and see how small things can so often make a BIG difference!