Today, 6/16,  as I’m writing this blog, it’s only a couple of days before the wreck-anniversary date – June 18 (2002). Different things run through my mind. People ask me questions like, “Whadda you remember? What stands out? What was it like for your family?”…

The last thing I remember before the tractor-trailer rig/semi slammed into the rear of our Tahoe going 70mph is turning backwards  to check on some flowers I had bought for all the ladies in the Bible Study. I have no memory of noises or sounds or squealing tires or anything. Life changed for me at that moment, much faster than I could see it coming!

I’ve learned, and continue to discover,  so many life-lessons, treasures, deep-truths, and “nuggets”  through this valley. Psalm 40:1 immediately comes to my mind, “I waited patiently for the LORD; He inclined to me and heard my cry.” This is the very first Scripture verse that I was able to read whenever I was re-learning my ABCs and how to read again…it is forever etched deeply in my heart!

There is so much more I could say (and some of you have read about it in my COPING with TBI book)…so let me wrap-up with this paragrpah Corrie ten Boom penned about some important things her sister, Betsy, had whispered to her in the night without the cruel prison guards hearing…this is in her book, JESUS IS VICTOR:

   We have learned so much here (at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp) and now we must go all over the world to tell people what we now know — that Jesus’ light is stronger than the deepest darkness. Only prisoners can know how desperate this life is. We can tell from experience that no pit is too deep, because GOD’s everlasting arms always sustain us (Deut 33:27).

By His power, may we Make A Difference Now!

God’s love to each of you,

~Patti 🙂