No matter where we are, how we’re feeling, or what we’re dealing with, God’s Presence is always near.

Like the psalmist, we may think Almighty God has forgotten us and is nowhere to be found, like He’s turned His nose up to us and is ignoring our cries.

Don’t hold back. Cry out to the Lord Jesus, whether it’s anguish, frustration, happiness, thankfulness, wondering-ness, neediness or whatever. Your honesty doesn’t scare Him away. Pour out your hearts to Him and watch His Sovereignty move.

Betsie ten Boom wrote about her father, Casper ten Boom, who died 10 days after the Gestapo had arrested him for hiding Jews during WWII, “I often thought that a person in whom Christ was shown to such full advantage, who lived so close to the Saviour, to whom the eternal things were so real, and who had the gift of prayer in such a wonderful way–such a person has all the conditions of becoming a martyr.  The Lord gave him a happy life, such as not one in 10,000 has.  Just before his death the Lord took him away from his dear ones in order to be able to give him the crown of honor.  God did not let His sovreignty slip from His fingers.”