Traveling… whether you’re hundreds of miles away from home or just across the fence, learning new things or meeting new faces and tasting life from another perspective can have different effects on different people.

Rural is the way many of the Vermonters described the upper and lower villages of Stowe, VT  and its surrounding area – “Preserving our Past, Protecting Our Future.” A slower pace and not-rushed attitudes…very easy to live by, indeed!

Oh! And by the way, I learned a new season: Stick Season. Exactly, I asked the same thing! What? Stick Season? What is that?

Simple Patti, they explained, it’s when all the leaves have fallen from the trees and only “sticks” remain. 

Even now as you’re reading this blog, some people may be experiencing a season of sticks in their lives, while others might be mustering up the courage to take a first step in a not-so-expected season of unknowns. Either way, don’t give up...pour out your heart to GOD. (Psalm 62:8)