Do you ever journal about your life and what you’re going through?

 This morning I was reading a book about head injury, The Vow:The Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Story. In it, Krickitt (the wife) features a number of her journal entries…she suffered massive head injury in a traffic collision that the two of them were in on November 24, 1993.

 Listen to this entry from 09/30/98:

Lord Jesus, thank you for who you are. I love you & need you so bad. I pray for you to take over my body & make me more like you. I feel so jumpy & moody, but I trust you, God, to help me through this hard time.

I feel alone here in Farmington, but it is getting better. I pray that I may feel you & see you more. I thank you for all that you are doing. I have really seen you work over the past months & I thank you for that. May you shine through me so powerfully today. Strengthen my mind and allow it to remain tough & continue to get better. I trust you & know you have been and are working. I ask in faith that you continue to deliver me.

Lord God, I pray that our house in Vegas will sell soon. Please Lord. You know our financial situation, and I pray that you will help us & allow us to get a good contract that goes through.

I pray for a job for me. I have fears of not enough work. Please guide me & provide some work for me. I know you have the job in mind. May I grow in that and know you are in control.

May you grow in me & help me not to be tempted by wacky thoughts. I give them over to you – I don’t understand them, and I pray for your growth & strength to shine through.

May you help me to grow as a child & help me to share your joy, your love, & your grace & forgiveness. I love you & need you. Help K & I grow.  -KC