An evening with Patti Foster…WOW what a blessing! She touched the hearts of our women, men and teens! Patti is a walking miracle! She shared her powerful story of an automobile accident in 2002 that almost took her life.

Patti has a way of gripping your heart, bringing you to tears one moment and laughter the next! She delivers a message of hope, perseverance, encouragement and triumph. Her “Make a Difference Now” (MAD Now) message taught us to live and love for today, that no one knows when it might be our last day.

There are many hurting Christians; Patti inspires you to live your life in the fullness of the Lord whatever circumstance you are going through. We all left that night with changed hearts! We felt if Patti has gone through what she has and can live her life to glorify the Lord and to continue each day to make a difference in the lives of others, then certainly it was time for us to make a stand and do the same.

Patti, you’ve changed our hearts forever! Thank you for sharing your testimony with the crowd way up North!

Yours truly,

Traci Warren,
Grandview Baptist Church, Women’s Ministry
Author, “How to Balance Your Busy Life…God’s Way”
Anchorage, Alaska