Dear Patti,

I was at the Victim Impact Panel.

I have been seeking direction everywhere and found none, and, there you were with the answer!

I had been living for the Lord until several traumatic experiences that left me feeling rejected and hopeless, and sadly, I turned to drinking for comfort. So, not surprisingly I ended up arrested for DUI. I have struggled this last year looking for someone or something that would guide me back to faith and devotion to Christ. While I wandered from studies, online sermons, teachings and more, I never felt the Spiritual direction I needed outside of prayer and the Word. My journey has been wrought with struggle and discouragement. NO LONGER!

I got a copy of “Hope for the Journey” that night and when I got home and started reading the introduction, I felt that amazing joy of the Spirit in my heart! I knew instantly that the Gift God has given you, He sent through you, to me, for the direction I needed so desperately. I have been caught up in the journey you have laid out as it speaks to my mind, touches my heart, and stirs my soul.

I no longer fear being trapped in a belief that I will never recover from my wounds and hurts, and find fellowship with the Lord again.

I thank you, SO MUCH, for your faithfulness to our Savior, and your willingness to live your life through Him to actively be a gift to others. The gratitude I feel is beyond words.

God bless you as you continue your Journey, and the many who have, are and will be blessed and those who will come to salvation through your love for our Lord.