1 O LORD, who may abide in Your tent?
Who may dwell on Your holy hill? 2 He who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, And speaks truth in his heart. (Psalm 15:2. New American Standard Bible)

One day, I was reading the 15th chapter of the Book of Psalms in a friend’s copy of the New American Standard Bible. These two verses really jumped out and grabbed my attention, especially the second one! God was applying it staight to my heart: “Patti, walk with integrity, work righteousness, and speak the truth in your heart.”

It SO hit me – no matter what anybody else does or how they live, you, Patti Foster, live this way. In all that I do, I must walk in and with integrity. I must work righteousness, not ways of game-playing as so much of the world is doing these days. And I must speak the truth in and from my heart, not merely from my mouth.

As I’m writing this week’s post, this older song recorded by the group, Truth, is playing in my head: God will make a way…where there seems to be no way…He works in ways we cannot see…He will make a way for me…

He’s got you covered!