Dear Patti:

Wow! That is the only word I can use to describe your wonderful speech during our Christmas luncheon for our Success Center for Learning teachers and staff!

Our teachers really appreciated your M.A.D. Now! message. They are all doing such awesome things to make those big differences in the lives of their students each day! It is so great to remind all of us that each day is a precious gift that we share with these students and our families and co-workers, too. Also great was the reminder that miracles happen each day and that progress can be made even when we are told that it should not happen! What an uplifting message for teachers who work with special education and at-risk students!

Thank you again for such an inspiring message! Best wishes for continued opportunities to M.A.D. Now in 2010!!!!


Wendy Dougherty
In-School Director
Success Center for Learning