Just wondering…

As you look back over your life, could this be said of you? “She could cut up with the best of them but, when it was time to get serious and have a heart-to-heart, she was ready…she was used by God to bless others and disciple them, even in her youth.”

Sure, you might have to replace a few she’s and her’s if you’re a guy, but other than that, would this match your life?

Not long ago, one of my dear friends agreed to help me answer a few questions about the wreck and such that my editor/ghostwriter had asked me. A question about Heather’s funeral was one of them.

When I’d asked my friend to help me, she emailed me back her memories and details of Heather’s funeral in less than 36 hours. Wow, that was fast! Faster than I’d expected. Plus, I think her writing this (and my getting to read it) meant even more to me because I had not gotten to go to Heather’s funeral…I was still fighting for my life in the coma.

Anyway, like I was saying at the beginning, I was just wondering if you had any idea what would be said of you when you die?

Like my motto for living (since the wreck of 2002) says: M.A.D. Now! Choose today to Make A Difference Now!