Serendipities to all of you as the new year of 2013 is underway!

People have been sending me their thoughts about my “lost-n-found” head-trauma book, COPING with TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY.

Please, after you’ve read it – whether eBook or paperback – shoot me your feedback about it and what stood out to you…plus, if you want to, you can write a review on your Kindle or Nook, etc. about it.

So, when you have a minute, let others know how it connected with you!

Here are a few:

A great book, helpful and well written. I could hardly put it down. The author’s story is inspiring and an important story to be told.

S. Niebuhr

An exceptional read for both survivors of brain injury and family members. Patti’s raw description of the reality of traumatic brain injury is riveting and sobering and hopeful. An excellent resource and gift for anyone experiencing brain injury, trauma, and beyond-this-life challenges.

D. Adams

Patti, I read your book in one sitting! Couldn’t put it down. What a fascinating read. Your recovery is nothing but a miracle and I’m thankful that God has given my family the opportunity to witness His work in you.

T. Blacketer

Just finished reading your book. Great job, it is really very informative for people who haven’t dealt with TBI. I cried and laughed through it!! Thanks for writing the book and giving me an opportunity to learn more about your journey. I love ya!!

A. Neally

Reader, be aware that this new book presents a powerful story.
Patti Foster shares the facts of her ten-year journey from death to life. While calmly waiting for a traffic light to change on June 18, 2002, her life in one moment of time was changed–shattered.  Consequently, for over ten years, she has been ‘coping with traumatic brain injury.’ Today she leads an active and productive life serving her Lord and those about her. Truly, a walking miracle, among us.
To this retired high school teacher and church librarian, this book scores
Five Stars: informative to others coping with serious injury;
inspirational with a core of faith and prayer;
embraced by love;
reinforced by perseverance;
rejoicing in hope.
Patti’s new book, coupled with her amazing smile and her kindness and love, encourages me “to rejoice in the Lord always” and “to make a difference now” in the time allotted in this life.

J. Carroll

Dear Patti,
I loved your book. I am proud I could make a contribution. My depth of understanding of TBI has been tremendously increased. Thanks!
I wanted to list some of your quotes that spoke to me in my role to understand and teach medical students about TBI:
*I could be so easily irritated at any given time.
*the ability to control emotion will fluctuate with fatigue
*head trauma fights against me 24/7
*things come and go so quickly
*I simply don’t have as much ‘brain fuel’ as I used to have
*misunderstandings are epidemic in the TBI world
*multi-tasking is gone, I can’t do two things at once
*fine motor skills are essentially gone
*exhaustion hits us so quickly
*my brain can freeze in mid-sentence
*I live by Post-It notes
*life after the wreck requires all my concentration
*the deficits of TBI do not fade away over time
*seeing isn’t believing
*these TBI bullies can’t be defeated, but you can learn to cope
*brain injury is basically invisible
*stay with God! Take heart. Don’t quit.
*Make A Difference, Now!
You are an inspiration. You understand the gifts God has given you and your responsibility to share them.

R. Baldwin, DO