Hey everybody,

Recently, I was talking with a room full of ladies (and a helpful group of guys who were serving them lunch…thank you, fellows!) about a value that’s near and dear to me heart – “STAY in the BALCONY.”

Like Joyce Landorf Heatherley has made it known, so I, too, agree there are basically two types of people: 1) Basement people and 2) Balcony people.

Most of you probably have a good idea of what kinds of attitudes each one “sprays” on  others; but let me sum it up in a nutshell this way: Basement people pull us down; Balcony people build us up.

Here’s an acrostic I wrote of the word, “BALCONY”…. (maybe, when you’re in the mood or you have the time, you can write your own and see what you come up with). A Balcony person:

  • B  –  Believes in others
  • A  –  Allows others to make mistakes
  • L  –  Lives and Loves with intention
  • C  –  Communicates effectively
  • O  –  Owns responsibility
  • N  –  Needs others
  • Y  –  (has a) YES face!